Build Qualified Buyers with Video Communications

Why can you develop qualified leads with video communications?  Well, have you noticed that buyers are passively doing their research online before they even reach out to you? Well, if you have, you are right…and the reason why corporate video communications are so impactful. Thomas Net noted that 70% of the buyer’s journey is already completed before people even talk to you.

People are doing their research, getting information, and being empowered before they contact you. However, much of their research today is NOT done through reading long laborious PDFs and sales sheets that do not effectively impact them….they get this information with video communications like sales videos and other corporate videos.

So with a library of video communications – like sales videos and other corporate videos, you offset that trend and make sure that your firm is generating a greater number of qualified leads than you are doing right now. 

Why Invest in Video Communications?

A series of B2B sales video communications will give significant benefit to your manufacturing company because you will be giving information to people in the easiest way to consume.  Giving them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time. 

Video communications like sales videos and other corporate videos can explain what buyers need to know in record time so that important decisions can be streamlined. 

Time is money and video saves buyers time!

It allows people to learn and understand concepts faster, and, with consumer’s constant pursuit of information so they can make informed decisions online video communications is well worth the investment. 

Viewers remember 95% of a message when delivered by video, but only 10% by text.

This statistic alone highlights how powerful video communications are in engaging with audiences and keeping them attentive to your messaging. Compared to paper text-based messaging, corporate video communications do remarkably better at stimulating emotions and increasing comprehension and motivation from prospective clients. 

Remember that video communications can be disseminated quickly and easily. It can be paused, replayed, and re-watched with ease and is accessible via almost any device. Video ensures that important items are not missed or warped, but rather, communicated exactly as intended directly from the messenger.

Correct Implementation

In the crowded marketplace that we face today, the implementation of video into marketing and sales strategies produces significant competitive advantages. Arming your sales team and distributor partners with a library of video content allows them to convey your messaging directly to buyers, driving action up and down the sales funnel. 

Simply put, video can:

  • Boosts conversion rates 
  • Enhances email marketing campaigns 
  • Increases traffic from search engines
  • Improves trust and credibility between businesses and clients
  • Encourages social shares 

Video will convert a higher percentage of people going to your website into qualified leads because it will showcase the people, the personalities on your team, the skill sets, and your company like no other marketing mechanism out there.

Repurpose Your Video Communication Across Channels

With a Video 1st Strategy™ a single sales video can be leveraged across multiple digital platforms, channels, and media to gain maximum exposure and ROI. This content can also be disseminated over several years to even further increase ROI. 

As you never quite know what a buyer is searching for, you’ll need a variety of informative video content to satiate their need for knowledge and instruction as well as drive their findings and opinions in your favor. 

One video is not a video marketing strategy, so it’s important to have a solid grasp of the different videos you can produce. Here’s a list of some of the types of videos you can incorporate into your corporate video communication library – 

It is important that instead of considering “what is the best video content to make,” ask “Which type of video content would best fit into my current business objectives?” The latter will supply content that supports your long-term strategy, from sales marketing to communication goals. 

Video communications for manufacturing companies

If you remain skeptical about the use of video in building qualified B2B buyers….just take a look at your FAQ page or consider the questions to which you are constantly repeating the same answers. How often are these written and practiced responses still not entirely understood and internalized? 

Perhaps a library of FAQ videos, that can be viewed and shared at any given time with any prospective client, would better support your sales and customer service representatives. Instead of using messy PDF files to explain complex concepts, you can direct customers to quick informative videos.

So if you don’t have any video or need more video because you have a lot of products and solutions, pick up the phone and give us a call or fill out a form on this website. 

We are well-versed in helping you either get started or build a library of corporate video communications to hit your long-term lead generation and revenue objectives. 

We’ll be seeing you in front of the camera.

5 Main Cost Factors to a Business Video

5 Main Cost Factors to a Business Video

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Nothing comes close to the effectiveness of a well designed video communications project.

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