3 Ways Sales Videos Can Be Used Every Day

Sales videos have emerged as a powerful tool in a complete manufacturing video production strategy.  As buyers increasingly turn to sales videos, corporate overview videos and factory tour videos for information, sales and marketing teams must adapt their strategies to meet evolving customer needs. 

This means having a manufacturing video production strategy that aims to build a library of sales videos just like companies have brochures (digital or hard copy) now.  And to attain the desired result, it will depend on how you seamlessly integrate sales videos into the sales process.

Sales Videos are Integrated into the Sales Process 

Most manufacturing companies look to invest in videos from a marketing perspective. 

But where we’re seeing the most impact is when you have a manufacturing video production strategy that creates sales videos that directly relate to what buyers’ needs are during the sales process – corporate overview videos or factory tour videos are just examples of these.

Buyers know more than ever before they reach out to your salespeople.  Most have already done deep research and know a thing or two about your company and the solution. So when they do call, the salespeople need to be very quick and efficient with their time and focus on building relationships by educating buyers.

Sales videos allow you to be different from your competitors.  

When you get an interested prospect, instead of sending them lengthy emails or PDFs, a sales video can convey information effectively and leave a lasting impression.  And when those sales videos feature your technical staff (as most technical people buy from other technical people) you will have sales assets that build trust and credibility in your organization. 

Implementing your Manufacturing Video Production Strategy

To implement this, organizations must plan a diverse manufacturing video production strategy consisting of a library of videos covering various products, services, and industry-specific solutions.

Second is face-to-face meetings that offer another opportunity for video integration. Instead of relying on traditional PowerPoint presentations, concise corporate overview videos or factory tour videos can communicate key benefits and value propositions. This approach not only streamlines messaging across sales interactions but also ensures consistency in delivering the brand’s core message.

Corporate overview videos, factory tour videos and sales videos serve as valuable assets for sales teams, especially in organizations with multiple representatives. By aligning messaging and branding standards, these videos uphold a unified front, reinforcing the brand’s credibility and authority in the eyes of the prospect.

Haydon manufacturing video production strategy - sales videos

Lastly, these videos can be used before and after meetings…especially if key decision-makers aren’t able to make your meeting.  These videos provide a unique window for leveraging video content to give people a clear understanding of your value proposition.  And when there are multiple decision-makers, video is super easy for decision-making committees, who often seek comprehensive insights into the solution and the team behind it, to get all the information they need from these videos…without having to suffer through another boring presentation.

Instead of relying on written materials, prospects can gain confidence from video content showcasing the technical and operational expertise of the organization and a look into your facility. 

By having videos of your technical and operations teams addressing common queries, your firm can instill confidence in your prospects, build relationships, and trust to expedite the decision-making process.


The potential of building up a library of a corporate overview video, a factory tour, and sales videos as part of a manufacturing video production library will impact your top and bottom line for many years to come and provide a long-term ROI for your manufacturing company.

If you’re ready to explore how your firm can plan your manufacturing video production content library, contact us today! Let’s strategize your sales approach and drive prospects through the sales funnel.

See you in front of the camera!

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