Distributor Sales Force gives Manufacturing Video Production Standing Ovation

We love manufacturing video production projects!  Most manufacturing companies have lots of cool things to shoot and the people are super cool to work with.

For this video for a manufacturing companies’ project, Haydon Corporation, located in Totowa, NJ, had a presentation opportunity in front of 125 distributor sales reps during a national meeting at one of their main distributors. Instead of creating a run-of-the-mill, a.k.a. boring, PowerPoint presentation, they thought a promotional marketing video would be a better choice to clearly communicate their value proposition, show their facility, and would differentiate them from other vendors. They were right!

manufacturing video production

The promotional marketing video captured and communicated Haydon’s vast capabilities, their facility and their recent success with the distributor in a personal way. The most challenging part of this project was to do this corporate video production services project, that included video marketing services, professional video production to video editing services, in a four day turn around.

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Putting our professional video marketing services and video editing services into action, we took the ball and ran with it. One of the main reasons for the ability to make this quick turn was the clarity we needed to have on their messaging. This is the secret sauce when using corporate video production services company – lock down the messaging to drive the visuals…meaning, don’t start with the visuals to realize the message. By locking down the message we were able to work collaboratively with Haydon to manage busy schedules, create a production plan and maintain a high production value for the manufacturing video production.

With any professional video services company, the first step in scoping out a project, especially when doing a video for manufacturing companies, is doing a walk thru of the manufacturing facility. For this manufacturing video production, we quickly identified Haydon’s manufacturing process, which prepared for us to shoot all the things necessary Our job, as a corporate video production services company, is to align our client’s primary sales communication objectives of the video with visuals from their facility, office and make sure the people on camera are prepared.

After completing the necessary video marketing services and professional video production services, next was the video editing services stage. Because we are professional video services company, we don’t ignore the most overlooked part of video for manufacturing companies so the video editing services went smooth with very little back and forth from Haydon. Having decided in advance of the messaging, and capturing this messaging on camera, the video editing services stage was clear on what needed to be done from our team and Haydon’s team. This helped meet our four day deliverable deadline.

Benefits of Manufacturing Video Production

Manufacturing Video Production streamlines the communications of a message (even more important when you have a number of sales reps or a team of distributors sales reps that are not experts in your product). With video, a message can be told, shown and communicated to a large number of people, or a small amount of people, with compelling visuals, music and a story without anyone ever saying a word. That held true when Haydon presented their video to 125 sales reps…and Haydon received a standing ovation! If that is not memorable, then we don’t know what is.

Since that presentation, Haydon has seen an ever-increasing flow of new business from the distributor.

To further Haydon’s return on investment for this corporate video production services project, we were able to re-edit the video to create a more streamlined version of the video, that took out the part relating to the distributor case study, so they could use it for other sales and marketing efforts.

Final Thoughts

We love doing video for manufacturing companies, so if you are looking to learn more about what entails a manufacturing video production project, please reach out!  We can set up an obligation-free call to bounce ideas around and show you how manufacturing video production can be a sales and marketing tool that will help your business increase sales, spread awareness, and more.

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