Benefits of a Video 1st Strategy for Industrial Manufacturing Companies

Did you know that a Video 1st Strategy™ for industrial manufacturing companies can make substantial positive impacts on your B2B video marketing efforts? If you want to maximize and achieve a high R.O.I. on your manufacturing video production budget, then this is for you! 

The great thing about a Video 1st Strategy™ is that it can be done by utilizing the team who works at your firm or in conjunction with a video marketing company.  We’ll discuss how you can get started without breaking the bank.

Does Manufacturing Video Production make sense for my company?

Manufacturing video production makes total sense for any B2B selling organization because you are aiming to give your audiences a complete idea of WHAT your company could offer, HOW your products work and the people (WHO) behind making and supporting those products.

  • Industrial video production makes sense when you have salespeople making product demos to buyers.  
  • Manufacturing video production makes sense if buyers keep on visiting your website to discover more about your company and your product and services.

If you can relate that these are common scenarios, you may want to consider working with a video marketing company to enhance your manufacturing video production strategy.  Not only will they educate you on the power and efficiency of a Video 1st Strategy™ but a professional video marketing company can assist you in creating a strategy for getting the most out of a manufacturing video production plan to give your buyers a great and impactful impression over the course of the sales process.

Ready to elevate your video content? Let’s transform your productions together!

A marketer survey states that “87% of marketers say video marketing has helped them increase sales” According to Wyzowl. That statistic is a great representation of how important it is to have a Video 1st Strategy™ in your marketing plan. 

Manufacturing video production

Buyers are more likely to do all of their research online…before they start talking with a salesperson. They want to dig deeper into the options the market has to offer….again before they pick up the phone to talk with a salesperson. It’s a big help to researchers if you’ve got lots of information for them to prove to them that you should be called. And video gives buyers the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time. So if you have video and your competitors don’t then you are going to have a great edge against your competitors! 

Ready to elevate your video content? Let’s transform your productions together!

Buyers tend to compare at least 3 options before they proceed into the buying process, so if you have a video content library that gives high-level overviews of your products and services and answers prospective questions and curiosity, then there’s a great chance to have an increase in lead conversion and turn them into avid customers. 

Who wouldn’t want that, right?

So here are some of the types of manufacturing videos that you should have available for prospective customers:

  • Product overview video – high-level benefits of each product
  • Industry overview video – a high-level overview of how your products/services or company works within an industry
  • Company Overview 
  • FAQs – on each product/service 

Consumers prefer watching videos because it is the easiest and most effective way for them to gather the information they need. This is why a deliberate approach to Video 1st Strategy™ for your manufacturing company could be a great method to attain your coveted level of lead conversion and engagement in the sales process.

Video 1st Strategy

Utilizing Video Communications Before and After Sales Meetings

Your salespeople, operations staff, and technical team will take action as soon as buyers demonstrate interest. They aim to provide information to build the credibility, trust, and personal interaction that buyers seek. This is where planned, thoughtful, and integrated video communications will significantly benefit your company and differentiate you from the competition.

Buyers will retain only some of the information you provide in person or on Zoom / Team calls.  Thus, they will undoubtedly go back to your website before they make a final decision on who they buy from, so it is important to include relevant video communications on your website. These video communications should have your Technical, Operational, and Marketing teams answering commonly asked questions and providing accurate and detailed information regarding your products and services.

When potential customers watch your team on these videos, they will have the most relevant information from the people that will be working with them. Building a level of familiarity is extremely important to relationship building, which is essential for the B2B sales process. A video marketing company that has experience in industrial manufacturing can help you generate these video communications that mimic your selling process and integrate them into your Video 1st Strategy™ to maximize the ROI of your video production budget.

Video-First Strategy

Over time you will build up a manufacturing video marketing library to support all your sales and marketing efforts.  You can then repurpose each video communication to create multiple forms of content from it…. this is your Video 1st Strategy™.   

To execute your Video 1st Strategy™ take your explainer videos, product overview videos, and FAQ videos to derive blog posts, newsletters, email marketing, social media posts, and press releases. Animated videos and product demonstrations are great for social media content as well. While video communications can provide a framework for product launching or targeting an industry.

Producing a Video 1st Strategy™ for your manufacturing company with the support of a professional video production services company is an efficient way to provide valuable content. This will also establish your team’s personality in front of potential customers. Doing this early in the sales cycle helps to foster relationships, build trust and establish trust. When potential customers can see that your team is so hands-on, they will feel much more confident in proceeding through the sales process.

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