B2B marketing and selling

Remote Video Capture for B2B Marketing and Selling

B2B marketing and selling is all about giving buyers the information they need to make purchase decisions while building trust relationships.

While B2B transactions are still handled this way, the power of information has shifted towards buyers.  Even in traditional relationship-driven industries, the internet has completely changed the dynamic between buyers and sellers.  And one of the most powerful ways to give information to buyers is with B2B marketing video content. And in fact, buyer are on the lookout for B2B marketing video content because they know that video shows them and tells them what they need to know much more than text does. 


Video production for manufacturing companies is perceived as “expensive”, but new innovative technologies like RemoteVideoCapture can make starting with B2B video marketing much more affordable.


RemoteVideoCapture allows manufacturing companies to create certain types of high quality videos without breaking the bank. RemoteVideoCapture truly shines with thought leadership, blogs, email marketing, social media, internal communications and executive bios. Which makes it the perfect fit for a Video 1st business video strategy

B2B marketing and selling
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Some of the benefits of this new B2B video marketing technology allows manufacturing companies to

  • Save 60% on video production costs
  • Maintain the services of a professional director
  • Allow marketing teams to support multiple locations

As buyers demand video content, Remote Video Capture is positioned as the perfect solution for your manufacturing company to ramp up your business video strategy in a cost effective manner.

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