5 Lead Generating Ideas for Industrial Video Production for Manufacturing Companies

Your next customer is probably working right now and looking for industrial video production to solve their problems.  Even before the COVID-19 pandemic ThomasNet reported that “77% of industrial buyers source by searching Google.” And during the pandemic, Google’s video behavior research has reported that online video consumption has increased even more. This means that almost everyone is looking online for solutions to their problems.

And what more, ThomasNet also reported that “72% of industrial buyers said that a supplier’s website is the MOST important source for helping make a decision.”

Pretty powerful stuff!

And with video for manufacturing companies being able to communicate the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time possible, having industrial video production assets on your website will drive leads in order for you to build new business relationships.

  • Online video is the go-to resource for buyers when they have questions.
  • Online video helps buyers understand concepts, get answers to FAQs, and show new products or services related to your business.
  • Online videos are engaging, and they are easy for buyers to share with their peers.

These are some of the reasons why Optinmonster noted that video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year.

That’s why you need to focus on industrial video marketing. 

We are listing five industrial video production ideas that you can do to attract more leads and win new business.

1.  Subject Matter Expert Videos

Subject matter experts’ videos are probably the most sought-after industrial video marketing assets.  Why?  Because they mimic the traditional process of buyers getting information from you.  Subject matter expert videos can be of your technical staff, customer service, or other thought leaders at your company.  These people have in-depth knowledge and special skills about their chosen subject and buyers want to know their knowledge and get to know them.

These industrial video marketing assets have insightful analysis and other thoughtful content about your technology and services to establish trust with buyers and your business authority in the market.

The net-net is subject matter expert videos that will hook the right buyers, especially when they are integrated into a sound SEO strategy.

2.  Product Videos

Product videos are another popular format in industrial video production. Product videos help customers to better understand the benefits of a product, how it will support their business, and the high-level technical specifications of the product.

Videos, about your products and services, given by the people that implement your solutions, bring more transparency to the technical aptitudes of your company. These are helpful, especially when a product or service is difficult to explain otherwise. They create trust, credibility, and confidence early on in the sales process.  Industrial video marketing with product videos will lead to a higher conversion rate of leads that will turn into sales.

You can place those on website pages or share them on social media platforms.

3.  FAQ Sales Videos

FAQ sales videos play a vital role in educating your customers and building personal relationships with them. And you’ll have more informed and qualified buyers.

As sales teams can not always bring their technical teams to meetings and calls, they can share related FAQ sales videos. Industrial video production that features your technical team addressing all the concerns of your prospects you’ll be answering your clients’ questions as they go deeper into the buying cycle.

Sending FAQ sales videos before and after meetings will fortify clients’ trust in your people and organization as they move down the sales funnel.

So, when you invest in manufacturing video marketing you will strengthen your credibility during the sales process.

4.  Customer Testimonial Videos

Customer testimonial videos solidify the belief that your products and services are reliable.  It has always been that prospects feel more connected with these types of messages as they show how your business solved a particular problem.  After all, it is your satisfied customers who are exactly like your prospects that will believe the most. Their reviews are more authentic than any other sales videos or promotions.

You can also create case study videos, a little different than customer testimonial videos,  regarding the problem, solution and benefits your products and services have had on your clients’ business. Case studies are among the most influential videos within industrial video marketing.

Ready to elevate your video content? Let’s transform your productions together!

With facts and stats, backed by client testimonials, video case studies prove to be more decisive than text-based case studies.

So, focus on creating customer testimonial videos with a variety of problems and solutions and put forward a strong value proposition to your next customer.

Just as customer testimonials have always played an important role in converting prospective clients into new clients, so will customer testimonial videos.

5.  Company Overview Videos

Company overview videos tell your story and communicate, at a high level, all of what you do. These types of videos showcase many of your products and services and the industry segments you serve.

These videos should include a few ongoing projects and remarkable achievements and highlight some of the key people on your team.

Company overview videos are useful for industrial video production projects to solidify their branding and market presence.

industrial video production


Industrial video production gives buyers what they are looking for – quick and inclusive information on solutions that can help their business.

Videos like subject matter expert videos, product videos, FAQ sales videos, customer testimonial videos and corporate overview videos will help you support core sales and marketing initiatives like promoting new products, increasing awareness and educating customers on your solutions.

Want to know more? Reach out to us today.

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