Client Case Study
Client Case Study

Client Case Study

Jet Pulverizer builds trust, to qualifies leads and close deals with sales video.

Jet Pulverizer

Since 1946, The Jet Pulverizer Company, Inc. a family run business in Moorestown, NJ, has been providing its customers with unsurpassed value and quality in both jet pulverizing equipment and custom grinding services. On the marketing front, Fred Surville, VP of Sales & Marketing at Jet Pulverizer, knew it was necessary to highlight the key aspects of a product via their technical team to build trust, and to qualify leads and close deals.

Problem 1

Because buyers are passively doing their research online, how to counteract this behavior and integrate online video marketing into their current business strategy of SEO and PPC to convert more qualified leads.

Problem 2

Getting the most ROI from a online video marketing budget by selecting the right corporate video production project.


At first Jet Pulverizer was considering a corporate overview video. However, this type of video which would serve as a high-level overview of the company did not align with their SEO / PPC strategy as it did not give online searchers the information they needed. Thus, producing a corporate overview video would not be the right video marketing strategy that aligned with Jet Pulverizer’s current lead generation strategy.

Instead, we allocated the budget to create many product videos and FAQ videos that provided answers to the questions buyers’ were searching for.

The Objectives

  • Educate buyers
  • Convert Qualify leads
  • Great addition to current marketing strategies
  • Integrate into SEO
  • Show a higher ROI compared to magazines and shows


Jet Pulverizer: The Results

The ROI quickly increased due to the series of product videos and FAQ videos that provided answers to buyers’ questions. Jet Pulverizer was able to convert researchers into leads and close 5 pieces of new business within two weeks of launching the videos.


Jet Pulverizer On-going ROI for online video marketing

Jet Pulverizer is also seeing even greater ROI from their business video marketing budget by consistently using these videos for sales support as well as posting them on social media channels and showcasing their videos at trade shows. The videos are also used at lunch and learn meetings.


Since sales teams can not always bring their technical teams to lunch and learns, with a series of product videos they achieve a very similar result! This is because when you play a sales video directly too technical buyers, they get the information directly from the technical team, which build trust and credibility in the sales person and company. Thus the sales objective is achieved because you have more informed and qualified buyers.



How Much Does a Video Cost?

The impact video has in driving everyday sales and marketing results is unmatched, which makes it easy to understand why business video communications have been gaining momentum.