Client Case Study
Client Case Study

Client Case Study

Tinius Olsen uses Product Marketing Videos in the Buying Process

Tinius Olsen

Due to the drastic change in the way that buyers look for, and take in, decision-making information, it’s essential now more than ever to invest in product marketing videos in order to drive sales, highlight the benefits of a product, and build relationships.

Tinius Olsen Materials Testing Company, founded in 1880 and privately held, has seen its fair share of evolution and adoption of marketing strategies. The privately held company has a long and rich history in technology and innovation builds testing equipment that checks the strength, quality, and performance of textiles, metals, and polymers.

With the trend towards buyers on the lookout for web promotional video production, Tinius Olsen needed a thoughtful way to mimic the buying process with B2B marketing videos. Thus, it was important to produce B2B marketing videos that fit in perfectly with existing relationship building workflows.

Problem 1Trade Show Follow up Has a Low ROI

Like most B2B manufacturing companies, Richard Coombs, Tinius Olsen’s marketing executive, realized that the ROI has been decreasing over the years. And because more buyers are doing their research online, he wanted to use the informative nature of product marketing videos to inform buyers of technical details.

Problem 2How to build trust in a digital world

B2B sales are based upon relationships and trust. But how can you build this trust when more and more people are doing their research online, before talking with a salesperson? Using video marketing services to create product videos that make engineers the focal point of the video builds trust and credibility early in the buying process.

SolutionCreate Product Marketing Videos to Synergize with the B2B Sales Cycle

Although Tinius Olsen had produced video content marketing before, it was never strategically integrated into their traditional sales process. During our pre-production consultation, our video marketing services prepared the technical engineers showed them how to be comfortable in front of the camera.

During their product marketing videos, the technical team answered common questions that buyers usually ask. With this process, the video marketing services and video editing services project mimicked the ‘real world’ interaction of buyers and sellers.

Technical buyers getting information from technical teams

Leveraging web video production and video editing services, Tinius Olsen was able to create a series of product videos for marketing. These sales and marketing videos introduced their technical team earlier in the sales process and made a much larger impact in building trust and relationships between technical buyers and technical sellers than paper-based communications could ever do.

Because of the planning and productivity, and their staff being prepared, the web video production was able to provide Tinius Olsen with a collection of videos to support initial sales inquiries and the follow up necessary to win new business.

According to Richard Coombs, there has been an increase in traffic on the Tinius Olsen website as well as a boost in followings on social media accounts. The sales team has also given positive feedback after leveraging the videos with clients. “Internally, this content set the standard for quality and professionalism for our other marketing materials,” Richard said.



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The impact video has in driving everyday sales and marketing results is unmatched, which makes it easy to understand why business video communications have been gaining momentum.