How B2B Sales Video Will Help You Win BIG Enterprise Deals

Today, B2B sales videos have emerged as one of the most powerful tools for B2B sales teams. Unlike any other forms of communication, strategy for video marketing enable you to be highly creative to have an edge over your competitors and build stronger relationships in your industry. Moreover, B2B sales video production allow you to stand out when you inform and educate prospects.

Unfortunately, even after the staggering statistics that prove the significance of video for sales, people leverage it only for the top parts of their marketing funnel. Professional videos can do wonders when you include them strategically in every single touch point of your marketing and sales funnel.

This includes everything starting from the awareness stage, consideration, conversion, and sales support, to closing the deals through to training. When created professionally, videos can not only deliver the right message that your customer needs to hear, but also keep the engagement of multiple buyers to crack big enterprise-level sales.

In today’s blog, we will be talking about what exactly these enterprise-level sales are and how you can make a strategy for video marketing to keep the engagement to win such big deals.

What Exactly are Enterprise Level Sales?

Enterprise-level sales are considered a complex sales process because of multiple levels of decision-making committees and multiple disciples at stake.  Typically companies invest a lot of time, effort, and money in pursuing these deals, so the stakes are high and involve long sales cycles. Since these deals involve critical buying decisions and many times changes to existing processes, customers ask multiple companies to submit bids and bring in all the decision-makers from multiple departments to evaluate each company. The complex part of these types of sales is that you can’t crack it unless you bring true value.

However, sometimes, even when companies are aware of their value proposition, they’re still not able to make these big sales due to a lack of communication. Therefore, video plays a critical role here to help you communicate more clearly with those decision-makers. With a strategically made and professionally produced B2B sales video, you can convey the right message directly to the viewer and better position your company than by using traditional paper-based media.

3 Ways Professional Videos Can Improve Enterprise Sales Process

It Breaks Down Complex Subjects

Professional videos are the best way to break down complex concepts so people understand. Traditionally, during enterprise-level sales, people used to hand over some paper-based content that describes the company’s value, products, and services. But, reading long chunks of text is no more preferred by the decision-makers especially those who have the smallest amount of time. Therefore, you should adopt a way to make them understand everything about your company without wasting a single second.

In such cases, nothing seems more useful than a video. With a professionally created B2B sales video, you can develop audience-centric content and explain complex concepts in a manner that they will understand….quickly. So, you will have enough opportunity to speak for your organization and its true value. When you break down a complex subject through a professional video you set the perfect tone, cut the clutter, and create a proper context during the sales process.

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B2B Sales Video Communicate More Directly & Effectively with the Decision-Makers

Communication is deemed the bedrock of an organization and communicating with the decision-makers directly and effectively is the most important part when you’re trying to win an enterprise-level sales deal. To talk more precisely with the decision-makers, you can leverage a strategy for video marketing. Decision makers love professional videos more than any other form of content as it provides them with the most amount of information within the shortest period.

Nevertheless, there are a few key things that should be noted before making a video for enterprise-level sales. This includes,

  • The video should be kept short. Typically, videos up to 90 -120 seconds long work better.
  • You have to quickly identify the pain points of your audience and describe further impacts of those pain points.
  • Demonstrate your offerings’ benefits and how you are planning to eliminate those pain points.
  • Ensure that the tone of the video seems authoritative and speaks highly of your organization.

These are the few things that are important to be integrated into your B2B sales video for your organization. These will ensure that the videos will hook your audience and deliver the right message from your end.

Convey Complex Concepts in a Short Amount of Time

In the traditional enterprise-level sales meeting, you don’t have a lot of time to explain, in detail, the features of your organization, products, and services. A lack of time could hinder your entire process. However, the best part of integrating a strategy for video marketing is that you’ll be able to share everything that you want to say within the shortest amount of time.

Create Professional Sales Video With Multivision Digital

Creating professional videos may seem the simplest idea but there is a lot that goes into this effort. Besides, you will need the right equipment to get the satisfactory B2B sales video that you need to impress buyers. This is the reason why hiring professionals has always been deemed a wise idea as you will get skilled people in putting the camera, lights, and equipment together to provide you with the result that you’re looking for. Multivision Digital, being one of the reputed and trusted video production companies in NYC can help you turn your cost into an investment. For further information, contact us now.

5 Main Cost Factors to a Business Video

5 Main Cost Factors to a Business Video

How Much Does a Video Cost?
Nothing comes close to the effectiveness of a well designed video communications project.

The impact video has in driving everyday sales and marketing results is unmatched, which makes it easy to understand why business video communications have been gaining momentum.