Why Industrial Video Production is indispensable for manufacturing companies

There are core business reasons why more and more manufacturing companies are investing in industrial video production at their companies – business videos and product videos can inform, drive action and support the personal relationship building that is critical in their traditional sales process.

This shift follows marketers that are already using online video marketing as more than 70% marketers believe that video converts better than any other marketing medium out there.

Industrial video production is effective because it gives viewers the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time, and gets them informed about your products and company.

Consider that:

  • 75% of B2B executives watch business videos on websites every week.
  • 46% of B2B technology buyers say that they will make a purchase after viewing video marketing content.
  • 81% of B2B buyers start the purchase process with a web search.

Not only is online video marketing really effective to get your prospects interested in your products, but also decision-makers would rather watch a video than read text.

Most manufacturers’ companies aren’t actually making use of industrial video production to the extent that buyers are watching online video marketing content!

industrial video production

For example, product videos may demonstrate a machine, there are other forms of videos that manufacturers are missing out on that mimic the need to educate, differentiate and build a relationship driven sales process.

NOTE: Industrial video production and business video marketing DOES NOT take away from your relationship driven B2B sales process…In fact it will enhance it, as buyers are online more than ever and if you can’t capture their attention and inform them, they will go elsewhere.

Ready to elevate your video content? Let’s transform your productions together!

So B2B sales video, for example, will get you more relationship opportunities and drive more sales. While we are not suggesting ditching trade shows, writing articles, advertising in trade publications and reaching out to prospects via phone, having a business video content marketing strategy, that can give you all the B2B sales video you need just like you have paper brochures now, can give your firm an unprecedented opportunity to surpass your competition by attracting more eyeballs to your products, facility and people.

Having a business video content marketing strategy means looking at your sales process and evaluating ways to create many B2B sales videos that mimic the kinds of information your prospects need before buying from you.

Here are some industrial video production ideas for manufacturing companies that will build up your online video marketing arsenal

Product application / use case B2B sales videos

Have a new product, new piece of functionality or an enhancement you are about to come out with?

Announce it with a product video, which highlights its benefits, and a series of use cases or application videos that educate potential buyers on how many uses there are for your product.

Check out this case study in which we did just that for Haydon Corp, a New Jersey manufacturing company, which demonstrates the many uses of a new manufacturing technology; the rooftop support system. These types of website product videos are great because buyers need to be educated with new technology in order to create demand for the product.

Story-telling product videos that focus on the people, not the product.

Every company has stories in them. A story of the people who developed the product as it came to market, what drove them to create it, how they accomplished what they did and why they are so different from everyone else.

Sales people LOVE these online product videos because they feature the people behind the technology and can be personable and emotional.

In addition to being great sales tools by building trust and focusing on the larger picture in which you and your enterprise fits. These videos have a very high social share value.

Ready to elevate your video content? Let’s transform your productions together!

Online Video Testimonials

Any company can toot its own horn about how good they really are. The truth is most claims made by companies barely get past their prospect’s ad-filters, and in a world where people are particularly turned off to advertising, such attempts can be counter-productive. The opposite is true for online testimonial videos.

Product video testimonials are essentially personal “testaments” to how well you have upheld your promises and stand by your word to deliver a quality product or service. Well-made, professional testimonial videos are virtually indispensable for a B2B sales video library.

Facility tour videos

Ever wonder what’s going on in the kitchen while you are out dining in a restaurant?

Your prospects have a similar mindset while they are trying to make up their minds on buying from you.  Facility tour videos can help alleviate their concerns by giving buyers (especially if they are long distance) behind the curtains sneak peak.

Not to mention, by having a facility tour video on your site, you can circumvent the cost of giving every prospect a guided tour of your setup.

Thought leadership website videos

These essentially help you enunciate your experience in your industry. Many businesses claim that they are the leaders in their chosen fields, and most fail to articulate their views and expertise in a productive manner. With professionally crafted thought leadership videos on your website, you can convey your ideas in the most lucid and entertaining manner possible, securing your prospect’s and client’s loyalty in the process.

Instructional / Knowledge videos from experts

There is so much that can be written down in an instructional manual, however, an industrial video production can give you back evergreen videos to capture the priceless information from your star employees.

Manufacturing companies can lose invaluable knowledge as their employees retire, or leave. Employees have an incalculable amount of expertise and institutional knowledge, which may diminish if only shared via word of mouth with new recruits. This may include tips on how to boost productivity, how certain operations can be speeded up, what issues can be expected under certain conditions etc.

Closing thoughts

While an industrial video production strategy does not only belong to the marketing function of your manufacturing companies, a library of B2B sales videos can do wonders for starting and enhancing the traditional relationship building sales process. Your sales reps for instance, can show videos to your prospects, and instead of giving an expensive new demonstration every time, you can put up a series of videos in front of your prospect which will explain the process better.

Connect with us for a free consultation on industrial video production and how it can create a valuable library of B2B sales videos for your manufacturing business.  We will be happy to help!

We’ll see you in front of the camera.

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