How to Create Effective Training Videos for Manufacturing Companies?

As the manufacturing industry is growing rapidly along with the complexities, it’s critical to invest in the development and training videos for both employees and customers. Effective learning and training through videos can go a long way in promoting products, processes, and the brand itself. The proof of it lies in the report from Globalspace where 80% of industrial marketers said that they have used videos for marketing purposes.

Manufacturing training videos and product demonstrations or how-to videos for customers and employees are considered the most valuable of all. Since the industry is growing phenomenally and organizations are looking for highly skilled employees to handle high-end complexities, training and development videos can significantly contribute to this.

Generally, in the manufacturing industry, technician training programs can be pretty costly but videos make things easier now as it cuts down the extensive costs related to this. Meanwhile, with how-to and other types of videos, organizations can easily demonstrate their products and make their customers understand more about the product. 

So, there are several ways to use manufacturing training videos and how-to videos. Nevertheless, creating videos while following expert tips is important to ensure their success. Let’s continue reading this article to know more about an effective training video for manufacturing companies.

Ways to Use Videos for Manufacturing Training

Customer Training Videos

Everyone likes to have a clear and in-depth idea about the product they’re buying. It includes the product’s features, benefits, quality, and how to use it. This is the reason why manufacturing industries need to invest in customer training videos explaining the products in detail.

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Generally, these how-to videos are similar to the in-person demos but if produced rightly, they can be more engaging and ROI-driven. It’s because the audience can easily go back and rewatch in case they don’t understand. To make it more interesting, customer training videos can include actual technical teams and engineers explaining the features.

Video production for industrial manufacturing company
training videos

Technician Training Programs

Technician training videos can help develop the required skills among employees. Since the industry is advancing, and it’s becoming an integral part of modern manufacturing industries, it’s important for employees to learn how to operate cutting-edge machinery in order to perform and achieve precision in production. Technician training videos can be made on floor mathematics, CAD, or computer skills to train staff even when they’re geographically dispersed.

Machine Operation Training

As technology, materials, methods, and equipment, everything is evolving constantly, operators must understand how to stay up to date with these machine operations. This is why it’s important for manufacturing industries to consider making machine operation training programs to provide them with enough knowledge and skills to grow the business.

Safety Compliance Program

Despite having a hazard identification program, and proper guarding and control, it’s important to invest in a safety compliance program to improve the standards of safety in industrial environments. These videos showcase how an individual can keep himself and others safe from accidental injuries, suffering, and even death. After all, your workers must understand and adhere to the company’s safety compliance to ensure the ultimate growth of the business.

Tips to Ensure Your Training Videos are Successful

Align to your Educational Goals

Before beginning to create a training video strategy, it’s critical to determine the educational goals. The training videos can be made either for employees or for customers. Depending on whom and how you want to educate, the video should be made.

So, always start with a learning objective. After watching the video, what do you expect your employees to know or to do? Or, what do you expect your customers to understand? Ensure the objective is clear, relevant, and concise. Understanding the educational goal will help you clarify and discover the full potential of your training video project.

Pick The Type of Training Videos You Want to Make

Training videos can be of many different types including animated explainer videos, instructor-led videos, micro videos, or screen recording videos. Animated training videos are created using animated visuals, providing the opportunity to explain even a complex concept in an easy and simply understandable format. Since it uses visual imagery power, people can easily remember the concept.

However, it depends on your educational goal when it comes to choosing a training video type. For example, in some cases, instructor-led videos can be more beneficial when it comes to making an employee understand a difficult subject while an animated explainer video is highly preferred for training your customers on product uses, features, and benefits. You can also use screen recording videos or micro videos for tutorial purposes or product demo purposes.

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Keep The Videos Focused on a Topic

The next important step in training videos is to keep the video focused on a topic. It’s important to remember that most people are incredibly quick when it comes to abandoning a video that no longer provides relevant information or too much information. Therefore, not only choosing a topic of interest that also provides useful information is pretty critical but also keeping it focused on that particular topic is crucial as well.

You must develop an in-depth understanding of the audience and their requirements to choose a topic and make the video stick to it. Providing information that’s not related to the topic can be confusing for viewers. Hence, it will not help you achieve the end goal which is to make them able to understand a product, features, or a certain process.

Don’t Forget About Your Brand’s Unique Personality

The last but most important tip in creating successful manufacturing training videos is to ensure that every video has the unique touch of your brand. Every brand has a unique selling point or USP. The length of your video, the quality of your video, the skills of your editors, everything defines your brand’s authority and professionalism. Therefore, maintain the highest quality of everything while making the video both for employees and customers.

Final Thoughts

A lot of manufacturing companies think that videos will prohibit them from building personal relationships with their customers and employees, but it’s the opposite. Since the number of people doing online research is increasing rapidly, videos can do a lot more than a traditional in-person discussion about a product’s sale.

It can instill professionalism and a sense of familiarity with customers. However, the best part of making videos is that with the current tools and technologies, companies can reach out to more people and share the company’s products and train geographically dispersed teams without increasing the budget. If you’re still unaware of how to get started, we have a professional team to help you out. Contact us now to reap all the rewards of an effective training video.

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