How to Make Manufacturing Videos that Feel Like Netflix Documentaries

Creating manufacturing videos that engage your audience is the key to successful marketing. If viewers are not immediately taken in by your marketing for manufacturing content, there is a good chance that your message will pass them by. The solution to the problem of mundane digital marketing videos is to make content that captures attention.

In today’s industrial market, there is a panoply of information being conveyed through multiple channels. Videos are one of the most popular marketing methods, from business-to-business models to mass advertising. And because they are so widespread, your marketing videos run the risk of being overlooked. This is especially true for manufacturing videos. Typically consisting of a simple presentation that illustrates the role of machines in the manufacturing process, such videos can be less than compelling.

Making machines interesting in manufacturing video requires the use of creativity and interpretive skill. This is no different than crafting a highly entertaining feature that is enjoyed by millions. Any film, whether a manufacturing video or a Netflix documentary, must be engaging if it is to hold the attention of viewers. Achieving this end can make all the difference when it comes to marketing your important message. You can create engaging and informative manufacturing videos that feel like Netflix documentaries. Take a look at these helpful tips.

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Manufacturing Videos: Be a Storyteller

When was the last time you found yourself absorbed in a video? What made it appeal to you? The likely answer is that it told a story. This is the principal element in every good documentary. Manufacturing videos have their own story to tell. And from start to finish, you can convey your marketing message in a meaningful, informative, and engaging way. Start with simplicity. Audiences must be able to understand your message if they are to take away anything of value.

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Think of machines as the main characters. What do they do? How does what they do affect your audience? Bringing viewers into the big picture can help them better engage and connect to what your video is attempting to convey. Develop an overall theme of your message that is clear. This theme will carry the video throughout its duration the same way that it would with a documentary. Also, provide well-crafted dialogue that speaks directly to the consumer.

Have you ever felt that a film spoke directly to your specific understanding? Manufacturing videos can also resonate with audiences if they contain a message that is conveyed through clear and targeted dialogue. Who will your viewers be? Understanding the needs and perspectives of both businesses and laypersons can help you create a video with universal appeal. Everybody likes a good story. And your video can reach and affect a broad audience through the elements of simplicity, overall theme, and relatability.

The Human Touch

One of the most important elements of an engaging documentary is people. Whether the subject is about computers, mathematics, or machines, the human touch enhances the message. The same is true for digital marketing. Almost every video on the web contains testimonials, tutorials, how-tos, and more, all brought to you by people who have some connection to the subject at hand.

In this digital age, it can be tempting to let machines do all the talking. But that is not how engaging content is born. Manufacturing videos, at their core, must convey how a product is made. Very often, machines are the catalysts. However, it is essential to utilize humans, preferably professionals in their field, to explain and expound upon the manufacturing process. While much is made of the business-to-business model these days, we must not neglect the person-to-person model.

The reason why many Netflix documentaries are successful is that their content connects with the audience at large. This connection is made through people who are telling stories or providing information via a digital medium. Human beings are effective communicators because they can convey and evoke something that machines cannot: empathy.

Is there a place for empathy in marketing for manufacturing? The definition of the word means to understand the feelings of another person. And audiences are more likely to respond favorably to any video that demonstrates a level of care and concern for the viewer. Allowing humans to guide viewers through the manufacturing process and addressing common questions can create a feeling of shared understanding. This, in turn, engages them in a way that mirrors the satisfaction evoked by watching an entertaining documentary.

Marketing for Manufacturing: Make an Impact

All good content makes an impact. This impact is not only what the viewer takes away from the video, but also what they experience while watching. Giving audiences a clear picture of the manufacturing process will help them gain a better understanding of the machine and the product. High-quality video production is a hallmark of any Netflix documentary. Maintaining similar standards for a manufacturing video will help to give it the same feel as a professional film.

Audiences are drawn in not only by audio content but by visual graphics of manufacturing videos as well. What they see is a gateway to what they will eventually understand. And as we know, understanding is a key component to audience connection and engagement. In this vein, think of video games. Their visual impact is part of their allure and popularity.

The 2020 Netflix docuseries High Score is one example of how a film can appeal to broad audiences. Utilizing a storytelling approach, it takes viewers on a historical journey, chronicling the evolution of game consoles. While manufacturing is a large part of the gaming industry, the docuseries touches on a full spectrum of elements.

Making a manufacturing video that feels like a Netflix documentary requires an outline of carefully crafted approaches. An effective blend of storytelling, human connection, and the ability to make an audio and visual impact can go a long way in terms of creating effective content. Consider some of the most popular documentaries of the year, and think about those that have made lasting impressions on you.

Gleaning insights from the devices used can help you create a successful and productive manufacturing video. Emulate approaches that fit your goals and convey your manufacturing message with a purpose.

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