How Much Does A Manufacturing Video Cost?

How much does a manufacturing video cost? That’s a frequently asked question when we’re at trade shows. However, pinpointing an average manufacturing video cost is not a straightforward answer. As many believe, the cost of a manufacturing video, or rather the investment, isn’t solely determined by the length of a video.  And making a shorter video is many times harder and more costly than longer videos. 

And really, how much can you really explain in 30 seconds to a prospective customer standing in front of you at a trade show?  To effectively fulfill sales goals and objectives, a collection of longer videos may be necessary for a successful manufacturing video marketing production.

While 30-second videos are commonly used for advertising purposes, how many industrial manufacturing companies would benefit from an advertising video?  Probably very few.  And further, that 30 second advertising video could command a high price tag and then the spend to show that advertising video would be hefty as well. 

However, a video project that was aligned to a business objective common to manufacturing companies, like SEO ranking, lead conversion, sales support, product launch or training, (AKA – crafted for a specific business purpose) is likely to have a lower investment.  So the critical question to consider is how to craft a manufacturing video project that aligns with your business objectives. 

Budgeting for a Manufacturing Video Production Project

When starting to think about where to invest in a video production project, be open with your chosen video production company.  Discussing the budget you have in mind will allow your video production company to come back and build a project for you that is in alignment with your business objectives.

Providing them with a clear budget gives them the potential to optimize and maximize your investment effectively.

Factors to Consider for The Manufacturing Video Cost

  • Pre-production time
  • The number of locations where the shoot will occur
  • Cameras and equipment needed
  • Production personnel required
  • Inclusion of animation or motion graphics in post-production
  • Number of videos delivered 
cost of manufacturing video production

For instance, the decision between one or two locations, or the choice between one camera versus three cameras, can have substantial implications on the complexity and scale of the production. 

The same is with incorporating animation or motion graphics, which adds depth and visual appeal to the video, but that also requires additional resources and expertise during the post-production of your manufacturing video production project.

It’s essential to know that your investment in a manufacturing video production project can vary significantly depending on these factors. But a professional video production company will be skilled at making the most out of your investment.

manufacturing video cost

A $500 video, a $5,000 video, or a $50,000 video may all have similar durations, but the level of investment required for each is vastly different. Therefore, by clearly articulating your business objectives and budget constraints, you enable your video production company to tailor their approach to maximize the impact of your investment.


When it comes to investing in manufacturing video production projects, transparency is key. 

Share your visions and ideas openly with your video production company, and encourage them to present you with a range of innovative options. 

This collaborative approach ensures that the solutions proposed are tailored to your brand’s unique needs and objectives. If you’re ready to level up your video creation, contact us today and we’ll see you in front of the camera!

About MultiVision Digital 

MultiVision Digital provides the full spectrum of video strategy, video production and video marketing services that businesses need to drive action across the entire buyer’s journey.  Having produced over 1,500 business videos since our inception, our holistic approach has allowed clients to

  • Increase sales profitability
  • Convert leads at a higher rate
  • Improve SEO rankings
  • Increase awareness
  • Recruit cost-effectively
  • Improve client loyalty.  

Our clients have ranged from solo-entrepreneurs to global Fortune 500 companies across almost every industry.  But more importantly, we have executed successful business video strategy plans for every business objective.

Regardless of just getting started, or have done video before, MultiVision Digital’s video content marketing services include

  • Strategic planning
  • Ideation and budgeting
  • Pre-producing (planning, scripting, storyboarding, talent mgmt)
  • Production (producer, directors, wide range of cameras and supporting equipment)
  • Post-production
  • Video marketing services

With years of expertise, and a staff of talented and knowledgeable professionals, Multivision Digital’s services span the range of corporate digital video production and video content marketing. Our turn-key services cover everything you need to get started, or build upon your current video assets.

See you in front of the camera!

5 Main Cost Factors to a Business Video

5 Main Cost Factors to a Business Video

How Much Does a Video Cost?
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