Philadelphia Video Production Company
Philadelphia Video Production Company
Philadelphia Video Production Company
Philadelphia Video Production Company
Philadelphia Video Production Company
Philadelphia Video Production Company

Philadelphia Video Production Company

Our video production services in philadelphia (bucks county) give you everything you need, from the sales & marketing skills to the technical production and professional editing to deliver your final video product.

A New Kind Of Video Production Agency in Philadelphia

Our goal for each project is to amortize the upfront cost of the video production and get you the most amount of video content.

Video For Manufacturing is your go-to source for exceptional video production services tailored specifically for B2B manufacturing companies in Philadelphia. As a prominent video production company in the city, we specialize in meeting the unique needs of the manufacturing sector. In a generation where visual communication is paramount, videos have appeared as a powerful tool for businesses, with studies indicating that websites incorporating videos retain up to 95% of viewers compared to text-only sites.

At Video For Manufacturing, we stay at the forefront of industry trends and technologies to create impactful videos highlighting the precision and innovation of your manufacturing processes and narrate a compelling story. 64% of consumers are more likely to purchase an outcome after watching a video about it. This underscores the critical role of video content in influencing consumer behavior, making it an indispensable component of any successful marketing strategy within the B2B manufacturing realm.

Partner with us to leverage the latest in video production for the manufacturing industry in Philadelphia as we strive to enhance your brand visibility and drive substantial business growth.

Video Production Work Process

  • Pre-production Planing
    Pre-production Planing
    Initial Discovery Process

    We begin planning the project from A-Z to ensure your initial idea comes to fruition in the end.

  • Production
    Lights! Camera! Action!

    Our film crew comes to the location, set up their equipment, and capture all footage in HD

  • Post Production
    Post Production
    Putting the cherry on top!

    This is where all the magic happens, we compile the footage together crafting the final video project.

  • Deliverables
    Share with the world!

    Once completed and approved, we provide you with your new video in your desired format

Enhance Your Company's Image with Tailored Video Production

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We make sure that you receive the most value out of your budget to increase your ROI. Our professional video production services in Philadelphia give you a full team of professional production and marketing resources.

  • Pre-production planning
    Pre-production planning
  • Editing
  • Logistical and personnel prep
    Logistical and personnel prep
  • After Effects / Motion Graphics
    After Effects / Motion Graphics
  • Full equipment packages
    Full equipment packages
  • Packaging of final deliverable
    Packaging of final deliverable
  • Shooting / Coaching Interviews
    Shooting / Coaching Interviews
  • Work-flow management
    Work-flow management
  • B-roll: planning, staging and directing
    B-roll: planning, staging and directing

Our video shoots have been known to produce as many as 5-10 videos per production day of objective-focused video marketing content.

Since our founding in 2011, we have worked with many manufacturing companies in helping them to get the most out of their budget with the highest quality. While each video production project is different, our goal has always been to amortize the upfront cost of industrial video production and provide the most amount of usable content for each shoot.

Independent Recognition of Our Quality & Value based upon Client Reviews.

Video Production Services

  • Video Production
    Video Production

    Everything You Need To Deliver The Final Video Product.

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  • Video Marketing
    Video Marketing

    Getting Qualified Prospects To Watch Your Video Will Ensure Your ROI.

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  • Video Strategy
    Video Strategy

    Plan For A Consistent Flow Of Different Types Of Videos To Impact Different Business Objectives

    Read More
  • Social Media Videos
    Social Media Videos

    Gain More Exposure And Brand Awareness By Producing Social Media Videos.

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  • Training Videos
    Training Videos

    Having A Library Of Professional Training Videos Will Increase Productivity And Efficiency At Your Organization.

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  • Aerial Drone Videography
    Aerial Drone Videography

    Drone Videography Gives You Stunning Footage That Truly Engages Your Client.

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  • Motion Graphics & Animation
    Motion Graphics & Animation

    An Extremely Effective Tool For Lead Generation, Conversion And In A Sales Process.

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  • Remote Video Production Services
    Remote Video Production Services

    Capture Up To 4k Video With The Help Of A Professional Director Without The On-Location Cost.

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Frequently asked Questions

  • How do I ensure my video production in Philadelphia aligns with my brand’s message and goals?

    To ensure your video production in Philadelphia aligns with your brand’s message and goals, communicate your brand identity, values, and objectives clearly to the production team. Collaborate closely during pre-production, provide feedback throughout the process, and incorporate consistent visual elements from your brand. This ensures a video that effectively represents your brand’s vision.

  • Can your Philadelphia-based video production team manage both small-scale and large-scale projects?

    Absolutely, our Philadelphia-based video production team is adept at handling both small-scale and large-scale projects. Whether you need a concise promotional video or a comprehensive video campaign, we have the expertise and resources to meet your specific requirements. Our experienced professionals are committed to delivering high-quality results, tailored to the scale and complexity of your project.

  • What makes your video production services in Philadelphia stand out in the industry?

    Our video production services in Philadelphia stand out in the industry due to our commitment to creative excellence, technical expertise, and a tailored approach. With a proven track record of delivering impactful videos across various industries, we prioritize collaboration and maintain open communication throughout the production process. Our team’s efficient workflow ensures timely delivery without compromising on quality. Choose us for a unique blend of creativity, technical prowess, and personalized solutions that set your content apart in the competitive landscape of video production.

  • What types of video services do you offer for manufacturing companies in Philadelphia?

    Our video production services cater specifically to the unique needs of manufacturing companies in Philadelphia. We provide a comprehensive range of services, including but not limited to promotional videos, product demonstrations, facility tours, training videos, and testimonial interviews. Whether you need to showcase your cutting-edge processes, highlight your products, or train your workforce, we tailor our services to meet your specific requirements, ensuring a visually compelling and effective representation of your manufacturing business.

  • How can video production benefit my manufacturing business in Philadelphia?

    Our video production service offers a multitude of benefits for manufacturing businesses in Philadelphia. Studies reveal that websites with videos can increase user engagement by up to 88%. Videos effectively communicate complex processes, making it easier for potential clients to understand and appreciate your manufacturing capabilities. Additionally, video content enhances your online presence, contributing to improved search engine rankings. With 84% of consumers stating they’ve been convinced to make a purchase after watching a brand’s video, our services not only elevate your brand image but also drive tangible business results. Invest in video production with us to stay ahead in the competitive Philadelphia manufacturing landscape.

Nothing comes close to the effectiveness of a well designed video communications project.
  • 1

    Build awareness for your brand

  • 2

    Build personal connections earlier on in the sales process

  • 3

    Motivate customers into and through the buying process

  • 4

    Improve your search engine rankings by driving and keeping traffic on your site

  • 5

    Generate quality leads

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