How to Create B2B Explainer Videos to guide Buyers Through the Buying Cycle – Video Marketing Tip

Here’s a quick B2B explainer video marketing tip for manufacturing companies, software companies, or any type of company that is selling a B2B product or service.

If you fall into this group, then for sure you have a bunch of brochures, product spec sheet, white papers, case studies and PPT presentations that are chock full of image assets.  Typically these are on your website for lead conversion and sent as sales material.

Here’s the concept for creating B2B explainer videos of your subject matter experts

Take that PDF document as the baseline content and get a technical person in front of the camera. Have them talk about those specific areas that are already in that document.

Then in the editing phase, utilize those charts and graphs as B roll. So you can communicate those visuals, not just on paper, but have them come to life and make those human connections…giving information to people that they need to know in order to make purchase decisions from you.

In today’s remote world, there are solutions that you can record video remotely, utilizing a professional director and a professional editor to get quality content out there to people who need to know.

If you need any help with executing this B2B explainer video approach, or want some thoughts and ideas, feel free to reach out.


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